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 weed the sea mod application

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weed the sea

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PostSubject: weed the sea mod application   Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:38 pm

in game name-weed the sea

real name-

Daniel kings

how old are you?-

16 going on 17

How long have you been playing this server?-

I think it was for the pass 2-3 weeks i played allot off private servers but this
server is the best by far

Why do you think you should be a staff member

I can help people in need on prodpkscape i can show them around and all the
basics i can also bring new people into the game by going on my freind server
and telling them to im co-owner on that server.honestly i dont really mine if
i don't get mod i will still help player if needed and do what i can to help

Does anyone think you deserve it?i dont really know but im really good friends
with Dan a mod on prodpkscape if that helps

Why do you think you deserve it?

honestly i can do some pretty good stuff to help the server i can make good
youtube videos to get more people interested on this server i can make a
facebook fan page for this server so ye thats why i think i deserve it.

How long can you play each day?

I can play how long i want to i got my own apartment a job that pays well
so if you need donations to keep the server going i can donate up to $100
but when im on days off for work i can play about 3-7 hours into i get tired.

Are you active on both forums and ingame?- yes

Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server?-im co-owner on
a server name runewire but it might get shout down because know1 is donating to keep it up.

Have you broken any rules?-

only once i didnt know you cant use auto clicker but i lern my leasson.

Do players like you?- yes

please submit my application i could be really help full to the server .thx you
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weed the sea mod application
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